April 2017

Animal Communication and Soul Healing Course, Badow, Germany

You have received much clarity this weekend.

Much has been revealed to you.

You have been reminded and reconnected with your power.

A beautiful gentle strength that you have always possessed.

But now you realize the value of it.

Now you see your true self!

Now you can accept your shining beauty and

The divinity that can now radiate from You

To be shared with others

For the benefit of all!

So be it


So it is!

Dear Madeleine,
I like to thank you soooo much for this great 3 days in Schloss Badow!
This days changed my life, same as my CranioSacral Yoga – trainings and the births of my two sons. I don´t understand all, but I can feel it 🙂
Never before I felt and saw mother earth in all her beauty, like in the last meditation, in my room of the earth.
The Lionheart-Meditation and the meeting with the Sacred White Lions was like coming home

A. V, Germany

September 2016

Kaapsehoop/Kruger National Park - Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, Kenya