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"Far from being a 'super nanny' style trainer, she has a sublimely gentle approach and she is one of the most sensitive and accurate animal psychics in the world."
Meet Madeleine


Madeleine Walker is a world renowned Animal Communicator, Horse and Rider Trauma Consultant and Spiritual Empowerment Coach. Her mission is to raise humankind's awareness of the incredibly deep connections we have with our animals, and the importance of their messages of healing re-empowerment for us and our beautiful planet. She travels extensively to work with wild species, e.g. lions, elephants, whale sharks and large cetaceans, in their natural habitat, and writes and lectures internationally, about her experiences.

She is well known for her healing skills for both animals and humans on both emotional and physical levels. Madeleine specialises in the past life connections between animals and their human carers. She is a pioneer with her techniques on past life script rewriting, cetacean soul healing and pre-birth soul contract realigning, all taught to her by animals! She is now offering new one to one, starlight soul code realignment sessions, to facilitate even deeper soul healing and re-empowerment. Please look at her news page for more information to book a session. These will be available from 1st July 2018. She formerly worked in adult education with holistic stress management and Art therapy, and also worked within conventional veterinary medicine.

She is based in the UK, but facilitates courses internationally. She also performs distant consultations for her overseas client base. She has been featured on many US (including Coast to Coast), Canadian, and Australian, radio shows, and in many international publications. Her books have been translated into Chinese and German and her latest book will be translated into Dutch in Spring 2019.

Books, CDs  & Cards


Madeleine is an established author and has also released a number of meditation CDs and Oracle cards

Animal Consultations


Consult a veterinary surgeon if you are at all concerned with your animal's health. Animal communication is not a substitute for veterinary advice or care.

Heart to Heart Healing Sessions


These sessions are replacing the readings that I have performed for many years, as the animals have been asking me to empower their humans to be able to have direct communication with their animals themselves. This technique creates a beautiful sacred heart space, for people to meet their loved ones both here in the physical and in spirit, to ask any questions about this life or past lives. This enables the animals' needs to be met, but also for their human to receive healing from issues like grief and guilt, also to receive deeper information about how best to help their animal. Once this safe heart space is created it remains a beautiful space to visit at any time, enabling the person and their loved one to communicate at anytime themselves! Sessions usually last for around 2 hours and are recorded on zoom, with me connecting one to one with the human companion , being guided always by the animals! If you would like any further information about these sessions please email and I'll be happy to discuss  this with you.

Sessions cost £120 for 2 hours

 clients outside of the UK, please pay for readings in Sterling (UK pounds) by PayPal. My PayPal address is

 Or bank transfer for UK clients is also possible, if preferred - just ask for further details. Please check out the testimonials on this facebook page 

I have been experiencing the most incredible sessions with wonderful animals and beautiful people, who receive so much. I am just the conduit for the animal wisdom and blessings. We are truly blessed to have such magnificent companions and helpers, it is only right that we return their love and help in every way we can!

I love these sessions so much and hope to be of service to you and your animal in any way I can. Blessings Madeleine

I absolutely LOVED the session with Madeleine!!! It was very heart-opening and mind-blowing! I experienced a massive shift during and after the session! Madeleine is very very caring and so lovely and she creates this amazing, warm, safe and cosy atmosphere, feeling like at home, so deep healing can happen! I can recommend Madeleine and her service with all my heart! M. N Germany

Madeleine is extremely caring, her wisdom and experience held a safe space for my session, which gave me heartfelt connections, comfort, reassurance and enlightened direction for me, thankyou xx C.R UK

My session with Madeleine exceeded all I imagined or hoped for! I immediately felt in a shared space where I, my animal partner Miranda, and the entire scope of our multidimensional connection were witnessed and held with love, warmth, gentleness, and clarity. I cannot overemphasise how much it meant to receive a validation of the calibre of Miranda's being and a message of the timeless nature of our connection. We went even deeper as Madeleine guided me into my heart space, where Miranda facilitated an extraordinary healing, recalibration, and alignment with my purpose and path. The shift I felt was palpable and its integration is guiding me to new openings on my path. I am so grateful to Madeleine for her skill and the compassionate, sensitive way of holding space for this extraordinary and much needed work.  T.K US

Human Consultations

Follow on sessions can be arranged if the animal consultation flags up any issues that might need some extra help in the human carer. For example confidence and self belief issues or physical and emotional challenges It's amazing how in tune our animals are with our needs!

Please note a cancellation fee will be charged if less than 24 hours notice is given.

New Starlight Soul code alignment sessions - Madeleine is now offering new one to one Starlight soul code alignment sessions, which facilitate even deeper soul healing and remembering and reclaiming our star lineages and heritage. Using light language, sacred sound and individually specific guided journeys, Madeleine can realign you to your soul purpose and mission as to why you have incarnated on earth at this time. This releases blocks, feelings of separation and disconnection to source and co-creates a great sense of peace and fulfilment. This is the most beautifully powerful work that Madeleine has been waiting to share, coming to fruition now after much visioning and manifesting of the work to assist with the new dawn of ascension. Sessions are usually 1- 1.5 hours and the fee investment is £65 per hour. Please contact Madeleine for more information and to book your appointment which can be through zoom,Skype or at Madeleine's home.


"Thank you so much Madeleine, Just love you’re healing work, guidance and energy, so beautiful and powerful. Really appreciate the sessions, they’ve exceeded expectations and I feel beautifully aligned, open, safe and full of love. Sending love and gratitude "  S.F. UK

For more information on the sessions offered etc, please email Madeleine at or contact her on +44 (0)1823 601391 or mobile 07929 312920. She will be very happy to discuss your issues and will do her utmost to be of help. Fees for consultations include ongoing support either by telephone or email until a satisfactory, positive outcome is resolved. 

Empowerment Coaching

Madeleine offers one to one consultations in personal development and empowerment, past life trauma release and Stress and Anger management, confidence issues, in tailor made sessions. She is a qualified Stress Management Consultant and has trained with Psycho-neuro-Immunology, which utilises the mind/body connections in facilitating self-healing - widely used in Cancer Help Centres. Her sessions can be a follow on from a consultation with your animal. She also offers spiritual counselling and healing for both physical and emotional issues. She is a pioneer in her work with past life script re-writing which creates profound healing on many levels. She also now works with your pre-birth agreements and contracts to create better life experiences, in your current and future lives.


She also offers workshops facilitating access into your ancient past to re-awaken healing skills, entitled "Gateway to the Ancients". Please see courses for more details.

For more information to discuss whether Madeleine can be of help please either email her at or telephone mobile 44 (0)7929 312920

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