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Everything from whales, mantarays, lions, elephants and dolphins have shared their energy and messages with Madeleine

I was so in awe of the whales presence and sound whilst swimming with them, that I didn’t get huge dynamic ‘downloads’ of information, but later in my bunk whilst they were all around our boat at night, I received profound clear insights into the akashic records and my own self belief systems.

One message in particular was from the mother of the baby, who so was so trusting and generous with her time.

The mother whale who said I could call her Gina, showed me an image of an ant, seemingly scurrying around completely randomly on its own. She told me that was how I had been feeling - quite isolated and separated from the ‘whole’.  She reminded me that ants work as a team and size for size had the strength to move mountains if they joined together working with the colony to create their safe environments.  She told me I had to remember that I was a very important component working for the whole, as indeed we ALL are.  I also asked her about the akashic records - the records of all life and our soul journeys. I had been told that the whales were the record keepers of this knowledge, but she said we all had that wisdom in our hearts and all we had to do is to unlock our hearts to gain access to this. I asked her how we find the key? She said “the key to your heart is self love!”.

I had, some time ago, been asked to be part of an anchor group, anchoring in the divine lotus heart energy on the 11th February and I asked the whales for their help in showing me the best way of doing this.  Gina gave me a very clear image of the planet earth hovering above a gigantic open lotus and she told me to work with as many people as possible to visualise the planet being sent so much love that it would descend slowly into the love and protection of the divine lotus to be enveloped with its healing love.

So on the afternoon of the 11th (coinciding with everyone worldwide who was working on this), I laid in the water next to the whales, visualising sending the planet so much love. I felt this was being magnified by the whale’s frequencies. Later that night I revisited my initial image of the earth and to my amazement there it was safely nestling within the lotus.

I felt quite bereft when I left the whales, hugely emotional and had to take some ‘timeout’ for contemplation on the enormity of my experiences with these incredible creatures. During this time my lovely dog who is in spirit called Pillow, cam bouncing into my thoughts (which again was very emotional), telling me that all was well and that of course I could tune into the whale energy anytime I wanted to and that she and Gina were going to help me finish my book!!

In June 2007 and 2008 I travelled with Wild Ocean Adventures to Holbox Island off Mexico, to swim with the magnificent Whale Sharks and giant Manta Rays. During the first trip I encountered a wonderful Whale shark who gave me information regarding the Mayan pyramid at Chichen Itza and it's connection to the great pyramid at Giza. This wise being gave me further information when I arrived at the pyramid on my visit to the ancient city after my sojourn with the Whale sharks, that related to planetary healing. Swimming next to the biggest fish in the seas can make you feel very small and insignificant as a tiny dot in the ocean, but they are very gentle and relaxed about our careful intrusion into their world. I have to thank Nattie and Alex our Captain and guide  for doing such great work in their research and conservation of this unique area.

On the second most recent trip we were blessed again with fabulous encounters with these noble creatures that are enormous gentle giants of the sea, that accepted our presence with phenomenal grace. We were lucky enough to interact with a huge Manta ray with a wing span of about 4-5 metres. It flew like a huge angel through the ocean and allowed us to accompany it for 2 hours. We were totally honoured that day. I mimicked its fluid motion, drifting above it with the ocean current, mirroring its movements as I looked down at the awesome creature beneath me and swam eye to eye when it surfaced, pouring out my love and gratitude for allowing me to be in its presence. It told me it was divining the oceanic energy grid lines and was assessing the energy flow for damage or negative vibrations, particularly for the influx of energy on the summer solstice.

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