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Workshop: Gateway to the Ancients

Reclaim Your Ancient Wisdom - Cetacean, Atlantean, Ancient Egyptian and Planetary attunements, reconnecting you with your ancient heritage. Discover your soul connection and be given keys to aid your development and alignment of your soul’s journey.

This is an empowering, powerful experiential workshop, working with Cetacean sound wisdom, Egyptian deities, Atlantis and planetary connections. This workshop is for anyone drawn to discovering their ancient heritage, who already feels a connection to Atlantis, Sirius, Lemuria and other ancient wisdom, or who would like to learn more about their origins and past lives as star beings, healers etc… Come and receive ancient keys and codes to re-awaken and deepen your awareness of your soul star journey. We will connect to the ancient whale beings and their whale consciousness. The dolphins will take us back to Atlantis to be healed and given healing tools to heal others. We will journey to Egypt and connect with the outer planetary beings waiting to help us heal mother earth and we will discover our past lives as Shamans to better work with and heal the planet.

Dear Madeleine, Thank you SO much for a glorious weekend full of beyond awesome journeying. I KNOW without question (once again) that it has had a profound effect on me, the timing couldn't have been more perfect, I am excited to see how it will unfold within over the coming weeks and months. With love and deep appreciation for you and all the animals and light tribes that guided us all on our journeys this past 48hrs....It's utterly beautiful


Workshop: Animal Communication and Healing

You will leave knowing so much more about your connections to the animal kingdom, yourself and of course our beloved Mother Earth!

My 3 day course consists of opening up to the concept that we are all animal communicators and healers! Come with open hearts and minds and be prepared to be 'reminded' by the animal tutors, who lovingly guide us through the process of opening up to the incredibly profound wisdom available to us and assist us in working with their healing techniques to heal chakra systems, shared past lives and so much more! You will learn to work with physical animals, but also from photographs expanding your intutive powers even more!

We had an incredible course full of energy, love and wonderful participants. Madeleine took all of them with her on her journey and strengthened the connection between humans, animals and mother earth. We thank her wholeheartedly for that and looking forward to her next course which is planned in autumn

Claudia Burmeister, Germany

Level 1
  1. Soul connections How to make your heart to heart connections and the importance of the animal kingdom. Healing yourself, removing your self doubt. Protection

  2. Extra sensory perceptions Working using different modalities of intuition

  3. Dowsing for health Using pendulums for balance and removing negativity

  4. The use of Colour How colour can heal emotionally and physically

  5. Creating healing energy How to access your healing skills

  6. Basic remote reading Working with photos and hair samples

Level 2
  1. Power/spirit animal guides healing allies to help us connect and give healing more effectively

  2. Physical Chakra systems working with the chakra systems of the body and using the pendulum to balance these

  3. Animal Soul Chakras How to intuit and balance

  4. Past life Traumas Soul retrieval-intuiting past life traumas and skills

  5. Advanced remote reading/Mirroring How animals mirror their human carers physically and emotionally and how you can apply this in your readings

  6. Light Crystal Healing using light crystal energy to heal

Level 3
  1. Past life script re-writing How to heal the past

  2. Cetacean Soul Healing with Gaia How to connect to the soul of our mother earth, and animals’ higher selves with the help of the whales and dolphins.

  3. Wild animal wisdom How wild animals can help us heal ourselves so that we might heal others

  4. Unity Consciousness Connecting to the ALL

  5. Pre-birth soul agreements How to help animals and humans create their lives for the very highest good

  6. Earth Whispering Connecting with all living things, rocks/crystals

Practitioner level


Case studies need to be provided for each module

  1. Integrity and ego How to increase the former and reduce the latter. Client care.

  2. Upgraded protection Methods of protecting extra sensitivity

  3. Script re-writing/ soul contracts- guidance and shadowing Helping people change and heal the past with their animals

  4. Removing negative entities Safe techniques to release these limiting and debilitating forces

  5. Advanced Light crystal healing Opening to the healing gifts of the energies in all their forms.

  6. Readings from spirit Connecting with spirit animals and their humans

  7. Star Beings and Dragon healing. Healing allies from unexpected places!


Modules Content © Madeleine Walker

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 January 8th Trull village hall UK, talk for Cygnus. "There and Back Again...
mapping the starlight paths with dolphins, lions and many more amazing wisdom keepers, congregating for the New Earths"
This talk will be a sharing of encounters with incredible beings in wonderful Iceland and South Africa. With a co-creation of the 'star map', facilitating the greatest coming together of star beings for the Solstice and beyond, in order to guide and support the human ascension process in interspecies/race unification from far star systems and galaxies. There are so many beings waiting to assist us, we just have to reach out, open our hearts and connect!

30th April Crewkerne UK Gateways to the Ancients

Bremen Germany 26th May Deep Dive into Animal/Human soul healing.
27th/28th May. New Gateways to the Ancients workshop

June 3rd Sheldon UK Gateways to the Ancients

Netherlands June 16th/17th/18th Gateways to the Ancients and book launch presentation

For more information please contact Madeleine

Please keep checking for more dates to be arranged.

Please email Madeleine if you are interested in booking your place on an upcoming workshop

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